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Your direct contact on the ski runs. The info-team of the Arlberger cable cars provides its customers with a special service: During the whole winter season seven excellent skiers who know the Arlberg skiing area by heart offer there specialist knowledge, advise and help in 8 different languages to all the skiers who are in need of it. You can easily recognize those helpers by means of their yellow-violet ski suits with the printing "info-team".


All the news - either local or worldwide - by remote control. Nearly all of St. Antons' guest rooms are well-equipped with TV's. Besides the numerous TV-channels you also benefit from two local information channels. The local channel "arlberg-TV" for instance, provides you with up-to-date information concerning events, social highlights and even more happenings within St. Anton so as to alleviate planning your holiday program.

Your ticket to free ski runs

Save time for queueing , gain leisure time. Tickets can be bought on the evening before you actually use it at the main counter of the Galzigbahn. Everyone who wants to avoid possible waiting periods can buy the ticket at the Rendlbahn, St. Christoph-Bahn, Nassereinbahn or opposite the community within the pedestrian precinct.

Arlberg card

Multi-functional and electrical chip card which can be used without touching.

Snowboard Funpark

Snowboarding at the Rendl-Beach. A sensational snowboard funpark has been established for both, old and young snowboard-freaks directly at the Rendl-Beach. Halfpipe, high jumps, quaterpipe and many other snowboard-facilities make the fun-factor of this park move to incredible heights.

Going for a walk in a winter paradise

  1....St.Anton über Oberdorf zur Sennhütte oder zum Moos
2....St. Anton über Oberdorf ins Ferwall
3....St. Anton zum Ski- und Heimatmuseum
4....St. Anton nach Nasserein
5....St. Anton über Nasserein zur Rodelbahn
6....St. Anton über Nasserein nach St. Jakob
7....St. Anton über St. Jakob nach Pettneu

15 km of paths are being prepared for our guests within the winter season, taking you to the enchanting Ferwalltal, Nasserein and St. Jakob only to name some of the beautiful destinations.

Langlauf Loipen

Farwell Loipe

Stanzertal Loipe